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Black Mouth Curs

According to the United Kennel Club it is uncertain whether the Black Mouth Cur originated from Mississippi or Tennessee. However, it is known that the Black Mouth Cur has been around since the American settlers started moving west, and was meant to be a working dog.
Seco Creek Black Mouth Curs are a mixture of the Weatherford’s Ben, Howard, Carnathan, and Ladner. At a glance you can instantly tell that Seco Creek Black Mouth Curs are the real deal. With the yellow to buckskin short hair coat, black mask over the muzzle, medium to large frame, and disposition of a sweet heart dog, Seco Creek BMC’s bread to work for their owners as family dogs, service dogs, cow dogs, police dogs, and hunting dogs.

Why I Raise Black Mouth Curs

This story is very hard for me to tell. I do believe that it needs to be told. In September of 1993, my only child, James Ray Rhodes Jr. at the age of 23. He and his best friend Rico Miraball, were murdered and buried outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Not to be found until March of 1995. Yes it has been a nightmare for me. Our dream was to raise a dog that would be big enough to handle any man or anything thing that tried to harm you.

My son, Little Jimmy, as we called him (6 foot and 210 pounds) first told me after his sixteenth birthday party, that he knew he was going to be shot and killed. I was so surprised to hear him say that. I asked him many questions, but he could not tell me why. Just that he knew he would not live to be twenty one years of age. The next morning, after Little Jimmy's twenty first birthday party, I said, "Jimmy, come here. I want to talk to you about something." I said. "Do you remember telling me on your sixteenth birthday that you were going to be shot and killed before you were twenty one years old?" He said, "Yes." I then asked him. "Do you know how much I have worried about that?" He replied, "Well Mother, it's going to happen. I won't live to be twenty five." Oh My! I just went haywire! I made a fist and hit him in the arm. I told him to shut his mouth that I didn't want to hear that... I wish now that I would have listened to him.

I believe that my mother, on her death bed knew or even saw Little Jimmy get killed. She passed away in January of 1993, and my son in September. On January 9th, my mother could only cry and tell me how sorry she was about Little Jimmy. She said that she never wanted that to happen to him. She just cried out of control, "I'm so sorry Sharon, about Jimmy" over and over. I said "Mother, Jimmy is alright." She asked, "Jimmy is alright?" Then louder "Jimmy is alright?" I said "yes, I just got off the phone with him." She said "he's ok?" over and over. "He's alright?" I told her "yes." She then looked up, stopped crying and never said another word to me. She looked to be in shock or disbelief.

My Mother, Alpha Omega, died the next morning. I know my mother saw something terrible happen to my son. I'll always believe that my mother had a way of knowing things before they happen. (Alpha Omega)

One night, when I was twelve years old. My mother got up in the middle of the night and started getting dressed. My father asked her what she was doing and where she was going. She said that she wasn't sure but the hospital would be calling. It was about two hours later and the hospital did call. One of my brothers had been hit by a drunk driver and left on the side of the road for dead. The time of the accident being reported was the same as my mother being awaken.

There are so many stories I could tell, but back to the dogs. My mother always told me that I should work with animals. That it was my calling. That I had a way with them and maybe I do.

I got five grown Blackmouth Curs to get along with two kitty cats. Oh, how they wanted to eat them. For about two weeks, now I think they would kill for them. Now lying at my wood stove are five Blackmouth Curs and two kitty cats, sleeping like angels.

What I'm going to say next about the Blackmouth Cur might make some hunters mad, but I don't care. It's my opinion, and that's that. The Blackmouth Cur is not a hunting dog. It is just a dog that could or can hunt. They're first love is their family. That was mine and my son's dream. To raise a dog that can do it all. The Blackmouth Cur is that dog!

In my heart, I know if my son and his friend would have had my Hog Ty dog with them, the night they were murdered, that they would be here with me now.

Protection and love is why I raise the Blackmouth Cur. As mean as this world is getting, I won't leave home without one. I say every woman and child needs a Blackmouth Cur. That's why I raise them. "This is Hog Ty, he's my 38, 45 or 357 mag, and I don't have to point him!"

P.S. I don't want anyone buying a pup from me if they are not going to be a family member and best friend first.

Thank you for reading my story, until next time...May God bless you all

Sharon (Granny)